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Addiction treatment

Comprehensive approach to help individuals recover from substance abuse or behavioral addictions through a combination of medical, psychological, and social interventions.

Who we are

About Us

Parvarish Welfare Organization (“PWO”) is a non profit organization, established in March 2011. PWO works in the field of addiction to treat and prevent alcohol and drug abuse to save lives of individuals and lead them to successful drug free life and reintegrate them back to society. In 2016, PWO established its first inpatient treatment facility “Parvarish Recovery Center” for the underprivileged class in Malir, Karachi. Since then, PWO has also successfully established three further treatment facilities in Karachi in the areas of Moach Goth, Surjani Town and Hub.

WHY Choose PRC?

Parvarish Recovery Center (PRC) offers evidence based treatment in the field of addiction. What actually differentiates us is the extensive treatment approach that is based on Bio, psycho, social model, 12 steps program of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), structured group sessions, self development groups and psychotherapy sessions. We have team of credible experts including the certified ICAP professionals to offer their services.

what do we treat?

  • Psychological
  • Psychiatric
  • Addiction treatment

Our Contribution to Society

At Parvarish Welfare Organization, our contribution to society extends beyond the boundaries of our programs. We believe in making a positive impact through various initiatives. One of our key initiatives is organizing webinars, where we provide valuable knowledge and insights on topics related to education, healthcare, and personal development. These webinars aim to reach a wider audience and empower individuals with information that can positively influence their lives.