Yaba means “crazy medicine” in Thai. It is widely produced in Southeast and East Asia. Yaba drug users face risks similar to anyone who uses methamphetamine such as rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and damage to brain blood vessels leading to a stroke. This drug is known to impact mental state adversely causing paranoia, rage and hallucinations. Those who inject the drug intravenously also risk themselves to HIV, Hepatitis B & C etc.

Addicts may consume up to 10 or more tablets and develop a psychosis in the long run, which can be difficult to treat. However, with effective treatment and long-term abstinence, patients can fully recover.

During a medical detox, clients live in home like, comfortable environment under 24-hour observation. Every care is taken at Parvarish Welfare to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal through personal counselling, behaviour modification, and detoxification methods.

This initial withdrawal phase lasts for about a week. Upon completion, patients feel much better and are ready to progress to continuing addiction treatment. Leaving treatment after detox almost guarantees relapse and a need to repeat the uncomfortable withdrawal period. Detox is not treatment; detox simply allows treatment to take place.

Post-detox treatment includes residential program with Individual therapy, CBT, 12 step work, group therapy, development of life skills, audio-video educational programs, Yoga, Family Support Program


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