Xanax is known to be a highly addictive drug and abruptly stopping its use may lead to serious or even fatal health status. Parvarish Welfare provides a safe haven to detox the drug user completely and provide effective medical and non-medical treatment. It is specially supervised by a team of specialists who can provide any medical attention to withdrawal symptoms.

Xanax is related to benzodiazepine addiction often causing mood swings or panic attacks. Parvarish Welfare provides the required tolerance and support through various addiction treatment interventions. Residential treatment provided by Parvarish Welfare is very effective for long-term recovery and rehabilitation.

This initial withdrawal phase from the dependent drug may take some time. Upon completion, the addict feels much better and is ready to progress to continuing addiction treatment. Leaving treatment only after detox almost guarantees relapse and a need to repeat the uncomfortable withdrawal period. Detox is not treatment; detox simply allows treatment to take place.

The Parvarish Welfare residential recovery program includes participating in addiction treatment programs with Individual therapy, CBT, 12 step meetings, group therapy, development of life skills, Yoga, audio-video educational programs, Family Support Program.


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