Cocaine addiction is accompanied by smoking crack and may be abused by polydrug (multiple substances) users. It is a complex problem that involves chemical changes in the brain as well as external factors such as social, occupational, interpersonal and environmental related problems.

A comprehensive treatment program is required to assess and effectively treat the bio-psycho-social aspects of drug abuse. There may be co-occurring psychiatric disorders requiring pharmacological and psychological interventions.

At Parvarish Welfare we employ both residential as well as outpatient care. Cocaine abuse treatment can be facilitated by using an appropriate contingency management system. CBT is a very effective tool in preventing relapse. It helps cocaine-addicted individuals to abstain from cocaine and other substances. Parvarish Welfare uses the 12-step program and works using a community-based recovery group approach to address the various aspects of addiction.

Our expert specialists are equipped to carry out dual diagnosis management for co-occurring mental disorders that are often part of the addiction and treat them effectively. Parvarish Welfare follows a family counselling program that helps addicts to be understood and supported throughout their recovery, thus facilitating an effective support care system which not only helps maintain sobriety but also prevent relapse


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