What Does Rehabilitation Mean For Addictions?


What Does Rehabilitation Mean For Addictions?

When an individual develops any addiction – alcohol or drugs – we advise them to seek help from a rehab? What does that really mean?

According to the dictionary, rehabilitation means “the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness. It also means “the action of restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition”.


Addiction to any substance affects all areas of the individual’s life. It adversely impacts his or health, financial status, career or education and reputation. Moreover, it destroys relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

The addict needs to seek help from professionals in a rehabilitation centre to restore and rebuild his life in all the areas that are damaged.


A rehab is equipped with all the resources that are needed to rebuild the damaged life of an addict. There are medical professionals, nurses, addiction therapists and perhaps other methods that help in the rehabilitation process. Yoga and meditation have proven to be highly effective in addiction recovery.

Addiction recovery is a slow, gradual process. The individual is highly vulnerable during the initial phase and needs a protective and supportive environment. Alcohol withdrawal should be managed by trained medical personnel. Craving during alcohol or drug withdrawal is the main cause of relapse. So, a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment in a rehab is best for the alcohol withdrawal.

The addict is also likely to undergo significant emotional upheavals and will need continual support from therapists.

Another invaluable support in a rehab centre is the peer group. In society when the alcoholic is actively drinking, he is significantly lonely. On the other hand, in a rehabilitation centre, he or she is surrounded by other alcoholics who can relate and empathise. The person who is new in a rehab centre will be able to identify with other clients and this provides comfort and assurance.


Nowadays, there is a very wide choice of rehabilitation centres. While choosing a rehab for your loved one, consider following:

  • Experience of the rehabilitation centre
  • Qualification of therapists in the rehab
  • Legitimacy of the rehab (should be licenced)
  • Integrated program (medical and therapeutic services)
  • Family support program at the rehab

If these things check out, it is advisable to visit the rehab facility. What does your gut feeling say?

A rehabilitation process is a life-changing experience for the addict and for his or her family. It’s an experience that brings balance and joy in the family. Good luck!

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